Wednesday, April 20, 2011

our addition: who wore it better

< outfit repeat-er >
an individual who wears the same outfit (a set of clothing) more than once
seems to be more of a female thing because it doesn't really apply to males

when you're on vay-cay in europe
[with one backpack per girl]
you are bound to swap some itens here and there
                                                                                   . . . . . you have to
especially when your friends have cute stuff
while we were traveling we did repeat outfits
well between the 5 of us
outfits popped up on {different} girls
on {different} days
in {different} photos

. . proof . .



repeats right...
and no need to vote for real
aka- who wore it better
i just thought that it was funny how we all swaped things

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


we ate our fair share of food while we were in europe.
let me RE-PHRASE
we ate our fair share of treats and sweets while we were in europe
* i always blog about the food i eat *
that is why i go to the gym these days
to balance out the food i choose to eat
this is true
of course on this europe adventure we ate some great food

worth it every time
--happy stomachs--

spotted: cat naps

[when we weren't]
site seeing
taking photos
eating treats
people watching
. . . and so on . . .

we were catching up on some much needed sleep
the camera caught us fitting in snooze time whenever we could
it usually happened on trains. plains. and automobiles.

but it is understandable
we were on a {non stop} marathon for two weeks
i wouldn't have changed a second of it

Saturday, April 9, 2011

ryan air

i truly h.a.t.e this european airline company
everytime i have bad luck with them
[aka... they take MORE of my money]
when my sister and i flew with them last year we always had a problem
this last time was no different
... they took it from amy

want to know why
because she didn't print her boarding pass from home
well she did.. but she didn't have page 3 of 3..
they charged her 40 euros for this
40 euros
to PRINT her pass at their desk
they said once it's 4 hours till departure, they are the only ones that have access to it so they then charged her 40 euros

ryan air is cheap
it flies in and out of the major cities

always in stressful situations with them
they find ways to charge you
the seats DO NOT recline
the carry on baggage size is rather small

* * i always leave their flights thinking it was not worth it...

what 40 euros could have bought her instead
an endless supply of macaroons
clothes.. well at least a new blouse
post cards

oh well....

Friday, April 8, 2011

who wore it better

we all know this game
it is always played in the weekly edition of [people] or [us weekly] magazines
when two celebs are wearing the same thing and you try to guess "who wore it better"
(examples below)

* * well we are going to have our own page of that * *
because when you travel with 5 {stylish} girls
you are bound to wear each other's clothes

and that we did
many things were swaped
headbands, tops, dresses, coats, blouses, hats
you name it
we all shared
we thought it would be funny to have a "who wore it better"
just for fun
and laughs photos coming soon
let the comparing begin

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i was behind

i wrote many of the posts that i blogged about today while i was in euro
but they all got posted today
catch all 7 of them

now i lay me down to sleep

while we traveled abroad, we got some great hookups
seriously though
we were {so} lucky
i must say that we had luxurious places to stay every night
nice beds. nice rooms. nice ambiances.
thanks to papa metts we stayed here in paris
[the hilton]
on to morocco we stayed here
[le meridien]
so cheap because we were in morocco
once in madrd we stayed here
[the westin palace]

while we weren't living the high life
we were warmly welcomed into many households!
amy's. shurtleff's. lanchas family's.
it was perfect
we were so blessed
thanks a million